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Special Assistant to the CEO and President

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Quan serves as special assistant to the president and CEO of BowerGroupAsia. In this capacity, he manages and maintains the president’s schedule and helps facilitate interaction between internal and external stakeholders and partners. He is also involved in BGA’s business development efforts.

Quan joined BGA in 2014 as a research intern. In this role, he utilized his extensive knowledge of Asian economies to provide research support relating to regulations, international trade and business intelligence in Asia. Earlier he served as a freelance researcher for the Furman Group, spearheading the development of new projects in the renewable energy industry in Southeast Asia and China. The Furman Group provides consulting services to public agencies developing water and sanitation projects.

During 2014, Quan also worked with NomoGaia, a nonprofit policy organization working to promote corporate social responsibility in countries affected by capital projects, as a human rights assessor. He led a team of three graduate students to collect data on the effects of water projects on different groups of right holders in Jordan. His team’s analysis contributed heavily to NomoGaia’s evaluation of the human rights impact of water projects.

Quan graduated from Dickinson College in 2011 with a bachelor’s degree in economics. He subsequently earned his master’s degree in International economic relations from American University. His areas of concentration included renewable energy in Southeast Asia, the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the ASEAN Economic Community.