Asia Street Intro Letter

Asia Street

Know the Street. Know the people. Know Asia.

An introductory letter from our CEO and President, Ernie Bower

I’m pleased to welcome you to Asia Street, your window into BGA’s connection with Asia’s people.

As the first company to provide granular, exclusively Asia-focused strategic support following the Asian Financial Crisis, BGA has always believed that the region’s promise rests on its people. That’s why BGA has been a company that continues to focus first and foremost on people. To us, “clients” are individuals who need to be understood and supported. “Staff” are family of diverse and talented people to be empowered to share their perspectives. And “stakeholders” are people, not officials or institutions.

Asia Street epitomizes this people-centered approach. The Asia Street page is BGA’s public face to Asia’s people. The metaphor of a street is apt because we are committed to a street-smart approach: keeping our clients feet on the ground, enabling them to see around the corners, and making them feel at home in Asia. As Asia Street’s motto suggests, to “Know Asia,” you need to know the street and to know its people. The page’s various sections – including our blog as well as an in the news section – are demonstrations that our people first approach is truly reflected in all that we think, do and say.

I hope you will enjoy browsing this page as well as our website. I’m looking forward to seeing you on the Asia Street that we all continue to walk during the weeks and months that follow.