Asia-Pacific Beyond COVID-19

“We will use our experience as the world’s largest democracy for the benefit of the world.”

Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India

October 15, 2020

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This week, BGA continues its “Asia-Pacific Beyond Covid” series with a deep dive into India. Each report will highlight markets and how our analysts expect them to change over the next few years. They will explore economic, social, political and geopolitical trends that will reshape each market in the aftermath of the global pandemic. These reports leverage our people, BGA’s greatest asset, and our established track record of combining global, regional and local expertise.

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October 15, 2020

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Excerpt from October 15 Report:

India’s Post-Covid Reform Agenda

In the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, India is reforming and transforming at a fast pace. The reforms are a positive signal to foreign investors looking to expand their footprint in India and manufacture at scale, making India globally competitive and an attractive destination for companies. The challenge for the government will be to implement all these reforms at a time when the country is fighting the two battles of containing the pandemic and reviving the economy, particularly in ensuring that the ambitious agenda is met without exceeding allocated timeframes and budgets. Some of the areas to watch closely include manufacturing, infrastructure, technology, pharma, defense and space, as well as digitization. General government priorities of interest to foreign companies and governments alike also include the “Make in India” campaign and supply chain management, especially for small and medium enterprises.

Though India is approaching the highest number of confirmed cases in the world, it is rising to the challenges posed by the pandemic. Increased testing, combined with a high recovery rate attributed to a younger demographic profile, has resulted in a replication value of less than 1, implying that the pandemic is now waning in India. The country reached its peak in mid-September, after which new infections have been on a steady decline. India has three vaccine candidates in Phase 2 and 3 trials, with the government developing a vaccine distribution plan. Over 400 to 450 million vaccine doses will be given to 200 to 250 million people by July 2021.

Meanwhile, though India’s economy has been strongly affected by the global slowdown and domestic lockdowns, the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has undertaken an ambitious reform agenda to return the country to growth. The IMF has forecasted India’s GDP will contract in the current fiscal year by 10.3 percent, but it will witness a sharp revival with an estimated GDP growth of 8.8 percent next fiscal year, putting India in the pole position as the fastest growing economy.

Indicators already point to a return to growth, and the government hopes that reforms will maintain this trend. The Nikkei Manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Index jumped to 56.8 in September from 52.0 in August, the highest since January 2012, as manufacturing activity in September grew at its fastest pace in over eight year and a relaxation in restrictions led to a surge in demand and output. Consumption indicators such as energy, automobiles and air travel increased to pre-Covid levels.

Please see the full report for a detailed exploration of India’s post-Covid reform agenda. BGA will continue to monitor and keep you apprised as developments occur in India. If you have any questions or comments, please contact BGA India Managing Director Ratan Shrivastava at

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