COVID-19 Update

“You will have to understand this coronavirus, it’s not going to go unless a vaccine is discovered. We have to live with the coronavirus. The entire world has reached this conclusion.”

Imran Khan, Prime Minister of Pakistan



June 4, 2020

Dear BGA Clients,

This report surveys the steps by countries in the Asia-Pacific to reopen their economies and societies. From China to New Zealand and Vietnam, some have opened quite substantially, while others are still facing Covid-19 infections and are fighting to rein them in. Countries like Australia and India are exploring how to use the tragedy of the pandemic to reform their economies and make them more efficient. Many of the Southeast Asian nations are looking to attract more foreign investment to jump-start economic recovery.

BGA will continue to monitor regional reactions to the outbreak across the region as they unfold. Questions and comments are welcome, and can be directed to BGA Head of Research Murray Hiebert at

Best Regards,

Murray Hiebert,
Director of Research, BowerGroupAsia

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Excerpt from June 4 report:

Covid-19 Recovery Across the Asia-Pacific

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