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Managing Director

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Teerasak “Art” Siripant is the managing director for BowerGroupAsia in Bangkok.

Prior to joining BGA, Teerasak spent a decade serving as the chief political advisor to the Australian ambassador to Thailand. In this role, he had a front row seat to the most significant political and economic developments in Thailand.

Earlier, Teerasak served as an army intelligence officer in the Royal Thai Armed Forces.

Teerasak has built relationships with a diverse set of stakeholders, from farmers in rural Thailand to the top echelons of Thailand’s political leadership. He has played a central role in brokering sensitive conversations between the Thai government and external constituencies and has developed a deep and nuanced understanding of his country and what it takes for foreign governments and companies to align with the country’s direction in order to solve problems and seize opportunities. He is passionate about strengthening his country by bridging gaps, facilitating dialogue, educating decision-makers and encouraging investment.

While Teerasak grew up in Bangkok, he attended school in New Zealand, the United States, Germany and China. He is the son of two university professors: his father taught physics and his mother mathematics.

Teerasak received a joint master’s degree in business from the University of Hamburg in Germany and Fudan University in Shanghai, China, and his undergraduate degree from St. John’s University in New York. And, for better or worse, he is an ardent Liverpool FC supporter.