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Daniel has expertise building strategic partnerships and developing networks of stakeholders to further commercial goals and cement relationships with the government. Daniel is especially adept at analyzing business models, organizational structures and auditing how companies can best leverage their existing relationships with various stakeholders in government and other institutions. His sectoral expertise is in energy, retail, fast moving consumer goods and agribusiness.

Prior to joining BGA, Daniel was a senior associate at Ernst and Young Indonesia, supporting business development initiatives such as securing a strategic partnership for Ernst and Young with a leading technology company to offer integrated services, focusing primarily in emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, data analytics and the internet of things. He also developed a network of stakeholders for a G7 economy government to implement donor programs and boost its bilateral trade relations with Indonesia.

Daniel also established his own investment company focusing on providing companies with advisory services on how to best structure their business, aimed at long-term sustainability in the market.

Daniel received his bachelor’s degree in international studies from Leiden University, with a minor in global affairs.