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Alex Capri

Alex Capri

Alex is a thought leader in the secure supply chain space with a special expertise on disruptive technology and supply chain traceability. He has over 30 years’ experience in global value chains, trade and geopolitics, global technology, the digital economy and industries-of-the-future. His areas of focus include IT solutions for traceable supply chains, sanctions, export controls, free trade agreements and trade optimization.

Alex has advised clients on cross‐border projects in more than 40 countries and has worked in some of the world’s most challenging environments. He was formerly a partner and managing director in the Asia-Pacific practice of global consultancy firm KPMG. He has worked with multinational enterprises extensively in emerging economies, developing and enabling entrepreneurs in local export markets and has assisted micro-, small and medium-size enterprises to develop mobile financial strategies, peer‐to‐peer lending scenarios, artificial intelligence and e‐commerce strategies. Alex’s work with multinational enterprises includes optimizing cross‐border trade strategies around free trade agreements and free trade zones; designing transparent, traceable supply chains for export controls and controlled technologies; and monitoring supply chains for carbon footprints and labor practices.

Alex is currently a senior fellow and lecturer at the National University of Singapore. He writes a regular column for Forbes Asia and Nikkei Asia and is a frequent guest on global television and radio networks including BBC International, CNBC, Bloomberg and Channel NewsAsia. He is the author of Techno‐nationalism: How its Reshaping Trade, Geopolitics and Society (Wiley), due out in late 2021.

Alex holds a M.Sc. in international political economy from the London School of Economics and a B.Sc. in international relations from the University of Southern California.

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