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Anant Singh

Anant Singh

Anant analyzes the political and economic trends in the Indo-Pacific region, with a keen interest in South Asia affairs. He researches and analyzes regional developments to convey vital information about markets and their policy landscapes to BGA clients.

Prior to joining BGA, Anant worked on a project with the South Asia Region Transport team at the World Bank. In this role, Anant used data and spatial analytics to provide recommendations on supply chain logistics regarding medical oxygen deliveries so that the government of India and private producers can be better prepared for future waves of Covid-19. In addition to his experience with the World Bank, Anant interned with a variety of NGOs, including the American Red Cross and the American India Foundation.

Anant holds a Bachelor of Science in international affairs and economics from the George Washington University, where he graduated with departmental honors in economics for his research on the health impacts of urbanization. He is proficient in Hindi, Urdu and Persian.

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