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Deputy Managing Director

Heikal Rosnan

Heikal is an expert on geopolitics, healthcare systems, political economy and regulatory affairs. He oversees BGA’s business strategy functions and supports the overall performance of BGA Malaysia. 

Heikal serves multinational companies from industries including manufacturing, consumer packaged goods, financial services, healthcare and technology. With years of experience in the pharmaceutical sector, he has a strong background in linking government policies with industry initiatives. He is passionate about sustainable policies that improve the quality of life. Working closely with ministry leaders, Heikal helped introduce lifesaving vaccines into the national immunization program and advised government committees on establishing safe travelling procedures for the reopening of international borders. 

Prior to his role at BGA, Heikal was a senior executive in a leading Malaysian manufacturing corporation. In this role, he formulated strategic blueprints and built strong partnerships for new business ventures. As part of the group corporate development team, he co-led corporate exercises to separate the pharmaceutical division from the group and unlock its growth potential across the healthcare ecosystem. 

Earlier, Heikal served as a special assistant to a member of Parliament, where he worked with public and private stakeholders to develop a constituency into a new regional oil and gas hub. He brought government policy perspectives to strategic discussions on oil and gas technology, operations, logistics, procurement and supply chain.   

Heikal holds a master’s degree in advanced chemical engineering from the University of Birmingham. 

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