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Associate Director

Jikko Alfonso P. Puzon

Jikko Alfonso P. Puzon

Jikko monitors global and regional security developments and provides in-depth analysis and research on critical political issues and challenges that affect BGA clients in the Philippines. He is responsible for the analysis of trends and development in various sectors including foreign policy, infrastructure and public utilities.

He concurrently serves as a research manager at the Stratbase ADR Institute focused on defense and security, foreign policy and infrastructure development. Jikko assists in the implementation of the institute’s various programs and initiatives with the Philippine government, the private sector and civil society.

Prior to his work with BGA and Stratbase, Jikko worked for the Indian Embassy in Manila under the Political and Press, Information and Culture Section, where he was tasked to monitor and provide research on significant political developments in the Philippines. He has extensive experience in advisory work, having served as a consultant for several government officials including a representative in the Philippine Congress.

Jikko has a double master’s degree in international public policy and international studies (Asian studies) from the Osaka School of International Public Policy, Osaka University, and De La Salle University-Manila. He obtained his bachelor’s degree with honors in political science.

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