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Julian Neuweiler

Julian Neuweiler

Julian, who is based in Perth in Western Australia, provides research and analysis on geopolitical, policy and economic issues important to multinational companies invested in Australia.

Julian came to BGA from the Perth USAsia Centre, where he researched Indonesia-Australia economic cooperation, Indo-Pacific geopolitics and Vietnam’s inbound foreign direct investment landscape. Julian developed his stakeholder engagement skills through an earlier internship in Mumbai with a community-oriented NGO named Men Against Violence and Abuse. He engaged with community leaders, government representatives and universities to promote gender equity and raise awareness of gender-based violence to Mumbai’s youth.

Julian holds a master’s degree in international relations and national security from Curtin University in Perth, where he received a master’s award with distinction. Specializing in Indonesia’s political economy, grand strategy and natural resource sector, Julian wrote his master’s thesis on the significance of West Papua to Indonesia.

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