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Ryan Rachmad Nugraha, MD, MPH

Ryan, a licensed physician, is an expert in the Indonesian health sector with deep networks in the public health and policy community. He has been instrumental in developing and implementing public-private partnership strategies and creating incentive programs for better public health management, leading to policy initiatives that bridge public and private interests. Ryan supports BGA clients in the health, pharmaceuticals and medical devices sectors. 

Ryan has an established track record in working closely with the government, primarily to strengthen the public health system. He maintains close contacts with the Ministry of Health, the Coordinating Ministry of Human Culture and Development and the Social Security Agency for Health (BPJSK) in addition to his past work with academic and nongovernmental entities. 

Ryan’s proficiency includes health economics, policy analysis and healthcare financing. Prior to joining BGA, Ryan served as an academic researcher at the University of Indonesia, overseeing policy analysis in health technology and the pharmaceuticals sector.  

Ryan is an active member of the Indonesian Doctors Association and the Indonesian Association of Health Economists and leads strategic partnerships for the Padjadjaran University Faculty of Medicine Alumni Association. Since returning to Indonesia from studying in the United States, Ryan serves as secretary general of the Indonesian Association of U.S. Alumni Graduates (ALPHA-I). 

Ryan holds a Doctor of Medicine (MD) from Padjadjaran University and a Master of Public Health (MPH) from Johns Hopkins University. He is a licensed physician and certified as a public health economist. 

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