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Shu-Ping Huang

Shu-Ping Huang

Sophia has worked with government departments and the public opinion sector in the areas of policymaking and media relations for two decades. Familiar with how non-governmental forces can communicate gaps among segments of society, she believes that cooperation between representatives of public opinion and the private sector can work together to support government policymaking to benefit the public.

Sophia is a veteran on workings in Taiwan’s Legislative Yuan and the relationships among political parties. She served as key staff in several parliamentarian offices with responsibilities in developing relationships with media, government agencies and opposition constituencies. Early in her career, Sophia was invited to join the office of a prominent legislator. This role gave her the opportunity to focus on campaigning on consensus-building for environmental protection policies effectively.

Later Sophia joined the NGO sector, serving as the secretary general of the Taiwan Star Hotels Association and then of the Chinese Food Safety Association. Her role in stakeholder engagement promoted Taiwan’s tourism industry and established new food safety protocols in Taipei, including strong hygienic practice standards.

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