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Senior Analyst

Vuong Bao Son

Vuong Bao Son

Son is a driven and effective specialist with a passion for conducting analysis and developing ideas and concepts. With a strong background in energy and natural resources, he works with BGA clients in Vietnam to discover unique solutions to support market growth.

Before joining BGA, Son worked as a design engineer for Neptune Subsea Engineering based in Aberdeen, United Kingdom. He worked closely with major multinational oil and gas companies and provided tailored solutions to address their needs in project engineering, installation and ongoing inspection, repair and maintenance activities. Beyond the conceptual stage, his role included producing industrial drawings and supervising the manufacturing process.

Son graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in mechanical engineering from Trinity College, Cambridge. At university he experienced various internships in which he participated in projects including electrical design, wind energy and gas development for Redbourn Engineering (UK), GE and Talisman/Repsol. During his final internship, he spent a month working on an offshore deep water drilling platform.

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