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Sujeev Shakya is BowerGroupAsia’s senior advisor and leads the company’s business in Bhutan. Shakya has a fulsome set of networks in the government, the private sector and civil society in Bhutan. Shakya oversees the execution of BGA’s engagement and strategies to support clients’ interests in Bhutan and has worked extensively with multinational corporations, as well as multilateral and bilateral development agencies.

Shakya is a champion of connectivity in the Himalayas, and is one of the foremost proponents of the idea of “East South Asia,” an economic bloc propagated officially by the new Bangladesh, Bhutan, India and Nepal (BBIN) block. He is the secretary general of the Himalayan Consensus Institute (Hong Kong) which drives the discourse of the economic development of the Himalayan region, of which Bhutan is a part. In addition to his business focus, he regularly conducts Unleashing Bhutan Unleashing You, Leadership Thinkshops.

Shakya speaks extensively on the economy, business, management and development issues inside and outside Nepal and Bhutan. He is a chartered accountant and holds a degree from Boston University and a certificate in coaching from Columbia University.