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Puchanee Suksamiti had over three decades of experience working as a leader in Thailand’s private and government sectors before join BGA as senior advisor for Thailand. He has strong networks and expertise, specializing in global supply chain management issues in Thailand and the Asia Pacific, including shipping and logistics, economics and investment.

Prior to joining BGA, Puchanee worked for 15 years as operations manager with Unithai Group, a multinational company focused on shipping, logistics, shipyards and offshore engineering. Earlier, he led overall corporate functions, including financial management, accounting, legal, office administration and IT corporate affairs director.

Puchanee began his career in the public sector, serving in the Office of the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Communications. He contributed to various transport economic studies and participated as a core member for several committees, including the Committee for Energy Conservation in the Transport Sector and the Committee for Concession of Satellite Communications.

Puchanee holds a master’s degree in transportation planning and engineering from the Polytechnic Institute of New York, and a master’s degree and a bachelor’s degree in economics from Chulalongkorn University in Thailand.