The BGA Myanmar Team led by Managing Director Zaw Oo wrote an update to clients on Myanmar’s fuel shortages stemming from recent import restrictions and the additional pressure it places on the country’s economic challenges.


  • Despite the State Administrative Council’s (SAC) efforts to manage rising inflation, a drop in exports, food insecurity and banking panics, its twin policies of a fixed exchange rate and foreign exchange control — adopted in early April — have failed to remedy the country’s economic challenges.
  • The SAC’s introduction of new standard procedures for fuel imports in late April has exacerbated the country’s fuel shortages. Fuel prices increased 25 percent in July, leading to rising transport and electricity costs and additional pressure on the economy.


  • Myanmar’s economy showed signs of a slow recovery in the first quarter of this year, when the country imported $1.3 billion worth of petroleum products. However, this has worsened the country’s balance of payments, forcing the central bank to impose foreign exchange control measures that have since slowed the volume of fuel imports entering the country.
  • The effects of the fuel shortage and soaring prices have been felt across all sectors, most notably in transport and logistics, which constitute over 60 percent of Myanmar’s oil demand. Consequently, increased transport costs have driven price inflation to double-digit rates. The rising prices of basic consumer goods and food products are of particular concern.


  • Companies should look to bolster their resilience to external shocks and prepare to implement contingency plans as Myanmar verges on the brink of an economic crisis.
  • The increase in global oil prices has compounded Myanmar’s fuel shortages and could have significant knock-on effects on businesses as cash, fuel and food become increasingly scarce.

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