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BowerGroupAsia’s crisis management and preparedness offering equips organizations to proactively mitigate risks and handle unforeseen disruptions.

We work with companies across the entire crisis lifecycle so that they can prevent, respond to and recover from crises in ways that preserve their credibility and protect their reputations.

Managing Reputational Concerns Amid Market Divestment

Assisted a leading multinational pharmaceutical company with managing government negotiations and public perceptions as it completed a smooth, clean and successful divestment from a key South Asian market.

Navigating Complex Certification Issues

Helped a leading American multinational food processing and commodities trading organization navigate legal issues pertaining to certification affecting its local employees in a major Southeast Asian market.

Crafting and Executing a Business Continuity Action Plan

Crafted and executed a business continuity action plan for one of the world’s largest banks to respond to a business-critical threat following a leading South Asian government’s decision to lock down the country in response to COVID-19.