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BowerGroupAsia’s work in healthcare extends across industries including six major areas – pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical supply chains and distribution, medical devices and technology, health campaigns and managed health care, services and delivery.

We help the world’s leading companies adjust to regulatory environments, digital transformations, medical innovations and evolving patient needs.

Our Work in Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences

A lab technician pouring liquid into a vial
Improving Vaccine Access

Helped a multinational pharmaceutical company improve access to its cutting-edge vaccines amid the coronavirus pandemic in a major Southeast Asian market.

Navigating Health Data Governance

Assisted a leading medical equipment and software provider with navigating a Northeast Asian market, including through providing insights and intelligence on relevant stakeholders and tracking regulatory and policy developments.

Preserving Healthcare Reputation

Helped a global pharmaceutical firm in navigating reputation management and other crisis management-related issues in a major South Asian market.

Building Awareness for Medical Treatment

Assisted a research-based biopharmaceutical company in building awareness for and overcoming discrimination and stigma towards innovative therapeutics for a life-threatening disease in a key Southeast Asian market.

Our Capabilities and Areas of Focus

A lab tech looking at a vial of liquid

Helping companies capture opportunities and manage challenges across the value chain including branded generics and biosimilars.

Medical masks in bags on a production line
Medical Supply Chains and Distribution

Assisting clients with navigating issues related to all parts of their supply chains and related distribution matters.

A lab tech working near a microscope

Positioning leaders in the biotechnology space to maximize their ability to develop and market medicines and related treatment methods.

A lab tech holding a clipboard
Medical Devices & Technology

Working with high-growth and established organizations to advance new products, software, solutions and other equipment and tools that enhance patient value and outcomes.

A doctor smiling at an associate
Managed Health Care, Services & Delivery

Assisting companies to manage issues related to the provision of medical services, including insurance, matters tied to the operation of medical facilities and related support.

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