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BowerGroupAsia’s work in this industry has largely been around higher education, economic development, change management and public-private partnerships and multi-stakeholder coalition-building.

We are committed to enabling institutions, including in the nonprofit and social sectors, to support goals such as development, diversity and inclusion as well as to transform communities in the Indo-Pacific and around the world.

Our Work in Education and Nonprofits

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Advancing Financial Inclusion

Helped a global nonprofit promote its financial inclusion objectives in Indonesia through sustained support, including project management, stakeholder mapping and market intelligence.

Realizing Cross-Border Higher Education Opportunities

Assisted a leading Australian university with plans for expansion in a key Southeast Asian market.

Identifying Regional NGOs to Address Human Trafficking

Helped identify regional NGOs in Southeast Asia necessary to address human trafficking in partnership with other stakeholders.

Our Capabilities

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Higher Education

Assisting educational institutions address major strategic issues of concern, including executing growth strategies and identifying cross-border partnerships.

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Economic Development

Supporting nonprofits, entrepreneurs and other groups and individuals to promote growth, equality and inclusion in communities.

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Change Management

Helping non-profits plan, implement and evaluate their efforts to promote social change, including through the employment of methodologies such as Theory of Change.

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Public-Private Partnerships and Multi-Stakeholder Coalition-Building

Assisting institutions in efforts to form public-private partnerships and other forms of multi-stakeholder coalition-building in order to achieve their objectives of driving change.

Insights & News

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