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BowerGroupAsia’s work in this space is in four main areas – mobility, travel, tourism and hospitality.

We help our clients to boost the competitiveness of their businesses across the value chain and generate economic and social benefits for the countries and people of Asia through services across various areas, including tourism policy development, cost management and growth, demographic studies and market outlooks.

Developing New Messaging Lines

Helped a multinational computer technology company develop new messaging lines to position itself as the trusted partner of choice and succeed in the Australian cloud contracts market.

Identifying Opinion Leaders and Advocates

Advised a multinational medical services and health care company on engaging and activating third-party advocates and key opinion leaders to position it as a long-term partner in government priority areas in a major South Asian country.

Shaping the Environment Around a New Project

Developed a strategic communications strategy for one of the world’s largest energy companies to understand and shape the enabling environment around a refinery expansion project in a key Southeast Asian economy.