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At BGA, We Know Asia.

BGA applies unmatched expertise and experience to help clients navigate the world’s most complex and dynamic markets. BGA’s ginkgo leaf logo conveys resilience and endurance, as it does in parts of Asia for its status as the oldest known surviving tree species thriving even under the harshest of conditions.

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Delivering Solutions

BowerGroupAsia works across sectors and functions to help the world’s top companies succeed. Learn More

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We work across sectors in the Indo-Pacific region. See Our Industries of Expertise. See Our Industries of Expertise

Insights & News

Unpacking Pakistan’s New IMF Bailout

The BGA Pakistan Team, led by Senior Advisor Aniq Zafar, wrote an update to clients on the International Monetary Fund (IMF) bailout to Pakistan amid the fallout from the country’s …

A small ginko leaf Aniq Zafar
Malaysia’s Next Election Looms After Najib Court Decision

The BGA Malaysia Team, led by Managing Director Hazree Turee, wrote an update to clients on the decision by Malaysia’s federal court to uphold former Prime Minister Najib’s conviction and jail sentence. …

A small ginko leaf Hazree Mohd Turee

Where We Work

At BGA, we know Asia. We have over 200 people working in our offices in 28 countries across the Indo-Pacific and covering this dynamic region with detail, nuance and expertise that is unmatched.

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BGA is driven by our values, which reflect our commitment to our colleagues, our clients and the people of the Indo-Pacific.

We take a people-first, local, unconventional and granular approach to all the work we do.

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