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BowerGroupAsia’s work in technology extends across areas and includes six major categories – telecommunications, media and entertainment, enterprise software, technology infrastructure, digital services as well as semiconductors and technology value chains.

We help the world’s leading companies adjust to changing regulatory environments, evolving customer needs, and disruptive and longer-term digital transformations including in data localization requirements, artificial intelligence, robotics, the Internet of Things (IOT) as well as Industry 4.0.

Our Work in Technology, Media and Telecommunications

Understanding Changing Data Requirements

Assisted a leading multinational software company in understanding changing data requirements across diverse Southeast Asian markets, focusing on areas such as data localization and personal data protections.

Managing Shifting Regulatory Risks

Conducted a multi-market regulatory forecast for an Internet and telecommunications firm covering key legislative developments in target markets across the Indo-Pacific, as part of its changing risk management plans following a merger.

Navigating Shifting Semiconductor Supply Chain Environment

Helped a global information technology company in navigating changes in the semiconductor supply chains across key Northeast Asian countries, including disruptions and new developments.

Shaping the Digital Media Landscape

Assisted a top social networking service company shape the broader environment amid ongoing digital media regulations in multiple markets across the Pacific, South Asia and Southeast Asia.

Our Capabilities and Areas of Focus

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Helping companies manage the services and experiences they provide and position themselves amid ongoing changes, including in 5G, artificial intelligence and digitization.

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Media and Entertainment

Assisting clients with navigating issues related to all parts of their content creation, management, distribution process as well as navigating market feedback and moderation approaches and models, including in publishing, over-the-top (OTT) media services, professional sports and gaming.

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Enterprise Software

Positioning software leaders to maximize growth, including enhancing cloud-based offerings, succeeding with software-as-a-service strategies (SaaS) and anticipating evolving market demand signals.

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Technology Infrastructure

Helping technology infrastructure providers with new growth opportunities as well as navigating challenges across this domain, including storage, security and innovation.

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Semiconductors and Technology Value Chains

Work with companies across the semiconductor and technology value chains to position themselves for current changes as well as future trends, including changing market regulations and longer-term opportunities in the Internet of Things.

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Digital Services

Assisting leading service providers and other stakeholders with a range of issues including those related to design, strategy, organizational management, technological advancement, operational and delivery models.

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