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BowerGroupAsia’s work on trade and supply chains includes an emphasis on four areas: trade architecture and agreements; trade policy; supply chain management; and risk management and regulatory compliance.

We help our clients across the globe understand and navigate changing structures, architectures, policies, rules and regulations in this space within individual sectors, in key markets and across Indo-Pacific borders.

Our Work in Trade and Supply Chain Management

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Plugging into the Regional Digital Trade Agenda

Generated avenues for a major technology firm to engage in digital trade discussions in regional groupings, including in telemedicine, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and cross-border data transfer and privacy.

Managing Supply Chain Sourcing Disruptions

Produced recommendations for a leading food ingredient manufacturer detailing risks and opportunities to help address supply chain sourcing issues in China.

Forecasting US Trade Policy and Business Implications

Crafted a landscape report for a top technology client seeking to forecast the Biden administration’s trade policy contours and potential impacts on Asian markets as well as their own business.

Our Capabilities

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Trade Architecture and Agreements

Helping clients understand various trade regimes and agreements that structure trade so they can gain a competitive advantage in various areas such as market access and also react to actual or potential restrictions or disruptions.

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Trade Policy

Positioning companies to succeed in assessing and forecasting impact of trade developments in individual markets and engaging with governments at the national level as well as by plugging into bilateral, regional and multilateral fora dealing with trade policy issues, including the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum (APEC) and the World Trade Organization (WTO).

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Supply Chain Management

Assisting firms with managing their supply chains across markets, including strengthening resilience, handling disruptions and proactively planning strategic shifts.

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Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance

Helping clients evaluate their risk mechanisms and comply with shifting government and industry standards and agreements, including customs rules and rules of origin requirements.

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