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BowerGroupAsia’s work in this industry is around four major sub-sectors – agriculture; food and beverage; food security and systems; and nutrition.

Through our broad suite of services, we position the world’s top companies to be able to advance their goals, align themselves with shifting market conditions and wider social and environmental objectives as well as to manage ongoing changes in consumers, government regulations and the global climate.

Our Work in Agriculture, Food and Beverages

Managing Food Supply Chain Sourcing Disruptions

Produced a report for a leading food ingredient manufacturer detailing risks and opportunities to help address supply chain sourcing issues in China.

Tracking Cross-Border Public Sentiment on Sweetened Beverages

Tracked sentiment of pre-identified key opinion leaders and the wider public on sweetened beverages across Indo-Pacific countries of concern for one of the world’s largest food and beverage companies.

Identifying Private-Public Sector Cooperation on Agriculture

Identified pathways for private-public sector cooperation as part of a stakeholder engagement process for a top global provider of agricultural science and technology across major Southeast Asian markets.

Our Capabilities and Areas of Expertise

Smiling man in a field of very tall plants

Helping the world’s best companies maximize their growth opportunities while also managing ongoing changes, including evolving consumer preferences, shifting regulations, commodity prices and climate change.

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Food & Beverage

Assisting leading firms across all aspects of the food and beverage industry, including production, processing, packaging and distribution.

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Helping top companies adapt their practices to changing country and regional trends in nutrition, health and wellness across the value chain, including by understanding consumer trends in key markets, forecasting the changing regulatory landscape and considering alternatives such as changing product mixes and incorporating new processing, storage and packaging techniques.

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Food Security and Systems

Positioning our clients to manage pressing and complex challenges related to food security and systems, including through reinforcing resilience in food supply chains and managing climate-related developments.

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