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BowerGroupAsia’s forecasting and risk assessment offering positions the globe’s leading companies to manage intersecting, multifaceted risks throughout their operations in Asia’s complex geopolitical landscape.

We provide granular, forward-looking and practical insights to inform strategic decision making and tactical execution within and across markets.

Managing Shifting Regulatory Risks

Conducted a multi-market regulatory forecast for an internet and telecommunications firm covering key legislative developments in target markets across the Indo-Pacific, as part of its changing risk management plans following a merger.

Assessing Investment Risk and Mitigation Strategies

Crafted a risk assessment and diligence report on the macro investment environment in Vietnam for a leading asset management firm, which included analyzing intersecting risks and identifying mitigation strategies.

Forecasting Business Opportunities and Challenges

Publish a half-yearly forecast across all BGA markets for clients identifying opportunities and challenges, with a comprehensive focus across key areas including the political climate, macroeconomic situation and investment environment.