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BowerGroupAsia’s stakeholder mapping and engagement helps the world’s top companies know Asia’s influencers and how to interact with them for success.

We leverage our unique blend of networks and technologies to help our clients develop, hone and execute their stakeholder engagement strategies so they can operate productively and responsibly.

Mapping a Complex Regulatory Landscape

Crafted detailed stakeholder mapping for one of the globe’s top subscription streaming service and production companies to navigate the Japanese market, including identifying agency roles, personalities and potential regulations in the industry and adjacent sectoral areas.

Executing on Multi-Market Diversification

Developed a comprehensive stakeholder mapping and engagement plan for a top multinational computer technology firm to execute on major investments into manufacturing supply chains in Vietnam and the Philippines.

Mapping the Policy Process

Crafted guidance for a leading global aerospace and defense company to understand the key dynamics of and players in the U.S. defense policy process as it applies to target Indo-Pacific markets, including implications for technology transfer and interoperability.