The BGA Pakistan Team, led by Senior Adviser Aniq Zafar, wrote an update to clients regarding former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s prison sentence.


  • Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan was arrested August 5 at his home in Lahore after a session court handed him a three-year sentence on charges of corruption.
  • The ex-premier was accused of misreporting his assets in the annual declaration of wealth that all elected officials are required to make to the Election Commission. He has denied any wrongdoing, and his lawyers will file a petition against the decision with the high court.


  • Pakistan has been mired in political crisis since Khan was ousted in April 2022 following a no-confidence vote. Since his removal from office, Khan has continued to criticize the military establishment and the ruling Pakistan Democratic Movement government. He has faced a barrage of cases since his ouster.
  • This marks his second arrest in the last three months. He was previously arrested May 9 and held for two days, sparking intense political turmoil. Riots broke out across the country, in which protestors targeted military installations. Since then, the military has cracked down on Khan’s political party, Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf, and dismantled the party’s leadership.


  • Pakistan’s Parliament will be dissolved August 9, and a caretaker government will be installed to administer the elections, which are expected in November. Federal Law Minister Azam Tarar on August 5 said the upcoming elections would take place after the results of the new census, which is being conducted now. He said the process could take up to four months to produce new constituency boundaries, which could delay elections beyond the legally allocated 90-day interim.
  • The ruling disqualifies Khan from participating in electoral politics for five years. It is likely to end Khan’s chances of running in the general elections expected later this year. Khan is expected to appeal the decision in the Islamabad High Court in the coming weeks.

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