BGA’s Pakistan team, led by Senior Advisor Aniq Zafar, wrote an update on what to watch in Pakistan’s evolving tech landscape. The update examined some of the key developments in the sector and implications for clients.


  • There have been several regulatory developments recently at play in Pakistan. These include those related to the Amendment to Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act 2016 (PECA); Personal Data Protection Bill (PDPB); Cloud First Policy; and an Internet of Things (IoT) framework.


  • These are important developments to watch, even though they are at various stages of development. For instance, the PDPB is still at its initial stages after years of consideration, while the introduction of an amendment to the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act 2016 by presidential ordinance has not been without challenge among civil society and some of the courts.


  • These developments carry a mix of opportunities and challenges. Companies operating in the social media sector will be required to adjust their data collection and content restriction policies, while cloud and IoT service providers, for example, will see emerging opportunities as the government makes digitization a priority.

BGA will continue to monitor such developments as they occur. Questions can be directed to BGA Senior Advisor Aniq Zafar.