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Asia-Pacific Forecast H1 2022

Below is an introductory letter by BGA President and CEO Ernie Bower on the company’s latest half-yearly Asia-Pacific Forecast, circulated to our clients to help inform their planning for the upcoming months.

As we look into the first half of 2022, we are pleased to provide you with BGA’s bi-annual assessment of the coming six months. I am really proud of the work we are sharing from our 26 offices across the region we call the Asia-Pacific…


BGA Quad Perspectives: Historic Summit Shows the Group Means Business

Amid the historic Quad summit held on September 24 in Washington, D.C., BGA’s teams in all the four Quad countries collaborated on an update to clients on its impact and implications for companies. The update highlighted BGA’s local, granular ground presence in all four of the Quad countries and its ability to synthesize perspectives…


The Future of India’s Outer Space Ambitions

On September 7, BGA India  Managing Director Ratan Shrivastava participated in a discussion on India’s space sector. The conversation, hosted by one of India’s largest broadcasting organizations, featured a conversation…


Asia-Pacific Forecast H2 2021

Below is an introductory letter by BGA President and CEO Ernie Bower on the company’s latest half-yearly Asia-Pacific Forecast, circulated to our clients to help inform their planning for the coming months.    

A year and a half into the war on Covid-19, and as we approach the one-quarter mark of the 21st century, Asia continues to develop into its role as the world’s growth engine. It also is expanding its destiny to drive global trends through both its economic heft and its growing…


Japan’s Semiconductor Industry: Regaining Global Leadership

Amid recurring global media headlines on roles of semiconductors in the data-driven global economy, their critical functions in national security, and ongoing conversations within the Japanese government on Tokyo’s role in boosting its own capabilities domestically, BGA’s Japan team, led by Managing Director Kiyoaki Aburaki…


How RCEP Benefits US Companies in Asia

The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (RCEP) — a free trade agreement (FTA) signed by 15 Asian countries on November 15, 2020, and accounting for 30 percent of world trade — is a significant pact that will strengthen regional supply chains in Asia by cutting tariffs on trade among the parties. BGA is closely monitoring the ratification process and implementation of the pact and what it may mean for U.S. companies…


Tracking Biden’s Team and Asia Strategy: Personnel is Policy

In Washington, it is often said that personnel is policy. As U.S. President Joe Biden’s administration continues to staff up in the coming weeks and months, this process will tell us much about who will lead key portfolios in the administration’s Asia approach and how it plans to approach the region more generally…



Unleashing Nepal’s Potential in 2021 and Beyond

After a challenging 2020 that included Covid-19, Nepal is among the Indo-Pacific countries looking to better realize some of the opportunities in front of it in 2021. BGA Senior Advisor Sujeev Shakya has continued to chart some of the pathways to unleash Nepal’s full potential in some of his ongoing work as well as writing and speaking engagements, building off of insights he had provided in his book “Unleashing the Vajra”. Below is a brief interview with Sujeev about Nepal’s current state and its future prospects…


Major and Middle Powers in the Indo-Pacific

On November 25, BGA collaborated on a virtual panel with the Stratbase Albert Del Rosario Institute (ADRi), an independent international and strategic research organization, as part of the Pilipinas Conference. The event featured some of the company’s leadership, including President and CEO Ernie Bower and managing directors from Australia, India, Japan and Singapore…



Asia-Pacific Forecast | H1 2021 

Dear friends and colleagues, The past year has changed us all. We won’t work the same way, we won’t think the same way. The pandemic and actions required to limit its impact have been humbling at best. I hope you and those you hold dear are healthy. If you’ve suffered losses, our thoughts and prayers are with you and yours…



Japan’s Post-Abe Landscape

One of the key geopolitical events in the Indo-Pacific thus far in 2020 has been the stepping down of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and the transition to Yoshihide Suga following Abe’s initial announcement August 28. Given Abe’s significant role in the Japan’s development and regional geopolitics and the fact that this is the first leadership change in Japan in eight years…


“Under Beijing’s Shadow: Southeast Asia’s China Challenge.”

BGA Head of Research Murray Hiebert’s much-awaited new book on China-Southeast Asia relations “Under Beijing’s Shadow: Southeast Asia’s China Challenge” is now available for purchase. In the book, which draws on Hiebert’s nearly half-century of expertise on Southeast Asia including stints in journalism, think tanks, and business, he delves into what has become one of the key storylines of Southeast Asia’s present and future.