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BowerGroupAsia’s work in this space is in four main areas – mobility, travel, tourism and hospitality.

We help our clients to boost the competitiveness of their businesses across the value chain and generate economic and social benefits for the countries and people of Asia through services across various areas, including tourism policy development, cost management and growth, demographic studies and market outlooks.

Our Work in Travel, Tourism and Mobility

A busy city street with blurred cars in the foreground and buildings in the background
Monitoring Changing Regulations in the Autonomous Vehicles

Provided a leading autonomous driving technology development company with regulatory monitoring services in Japan.

Early Warning for the Online Travel Business

Designed and implemented a sentiment tracking methodology for a top online travel agency looking to monitor public sentiment in select Southeast Asian and Northeast Asian markets on regulations surrounding a range of areas, including competition, non-hotel accommodations, e-commerce and data localization.

Identifying Private-Public Sector Collaboration in the Hospitality Sector

Assisted a leading company in identifying collaboration opportunities in the hospitality sector between public and private sector stakeholders, as part of a broader effort focused on key Southeast Asian markets

Our Capabilities


Helping mobility providers manage ongoing challenges and position themselves for opportunities amid social, technological and economic shifts affecting players across the board – from those in the traditional automotive space to those in emerging spaces such as autonomous vehicles.


Positioning travel companies to succeed across their value chain in Indo-Pacific markets, including in strategy development, cost management and growth and operations.


Assisting tourism firms with navigating changing regional, global and industry dynamics, from shaping their demographic studies and market outlooks to helping them engage with governments on tourism policy development.


Helping clients across the hospitality industry advance growth objectives, manage shifting customer expectations and leverage technological changes in an increasingly fast-changing and multichannel industry.

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