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BowerGroupAsia’s work on regional organizations includes four key areas – multilateral organizations; bilateral and minilateral institutions; forum engagement and connectivity.

Through our services, we help the world’s top companies understand and connect with Asia’s dynamic regional institutional dynamics in ways that can shape the policy landscape, generate new business opportunities and manage cross-border challenges.

Our Work in Regional Architecture and Connectivity

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Plugging into Asia’s Regional Energy Conversation

Crafted a strategy for a client in the energy and natural resources industry to plug into the evolving, multi-track regional energy conversation across bilateral, minilateral and multilateral regional institutions in the Indo-Pacific region.

Advancing Cross-Border Thought Leadership in the Cyber Realm

Formulated innovative approaches for a world cybersecurity leader to advance thinking in regional institutions on capacity-building mechanisms in South and Southeast Asia.

Forecasting Impacts of Shifting Indo-Pacific Regional Alignments and Partnerships

Developed a taxonomy of Indo-Pacific regional alignments and partnerships for a technology client to understand the Biden administration’s thinking on the subject and how its actions may impact businesses in the coming years.

Our Capabilities

Multilateral Organizations

Helping clients plug into the alphabet soup of multilateral institutions in the Indo-Pacific region mean for businesses, including the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

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Bilateral and Minilateral Institutions

Assisting top companies with understanding the evolving bilateral and minilateral mechanisms such as the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (“Quad”) and the growing network of informal strategic alignments and partnerships.

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Forum Engagement

Keeping leading firms informed of thought leadership that drives policy making in key fora such as the Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore and Asia-based engagements by global organizations such as the World Economic Forum.

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Cross-Border Connectivity

Positioning clients to find nodes of cross-border connectivities through regional organizations and associations to advance new opportunities or to get ahead of potential multi market challenges, be it through convening select stakeholders or driving new ideas.

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