BGA’s teams from key markets collaborated on a client update regarding key Indo-Pacific elections to watch in 2022. The update examined some major upcoming signposts and implications for clients, with a particular focus on national elections in Australia, Philippines and South Korea. It also made note of the other elections BGA is monitoring, whether it be national elections in smaller Indo-Pacific countries such as Timor-Leste and Papua New Guinea, or legislative and state contests in nations including India, Japan and the United States.

“High-stakes Indo-Pacific elections loom amid a gloomy COVID-19 backdrop,” the update noted. This includes two major cases where leaders are term-limited – Moon Jae-in in South Korea and Rodrigo Duterte in the Philippines – and one where Prime Minister Scott Morrison faces a tight contest.

The update identified some upcoming developments to watch for clients, including an Australian budget tentatively scheduled sometime in March, a flurry of new policies expected in South Korea out to May following the holding of the election, and some last-minute legislation that could still pass while Duterte remains in power until June 30, 2022, such as on economic liberalization. Each country section included granular insights on trends, developments and possible impacts on the political, economic and investment environment.