BGA Cambodia Deputy Managing Director Sophea Ros wrote an update to clients on Cambodia’s new strategic development plan.


  • Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Manet in his first Cabinet session on August 24 adopted the Pentagon Strategy, Phase 1, which aims to transform Cambodia into an upper-middle-income country by 2030. Introduced just two days after Hun Manet’s appointment, the strategy includes five phases, each lasting five years up to 2050.
  • The plan targets economic growth of 7 percent each year, job creation and poverty reduction below 10 percent. Other sections advance public administration reform; environmental sustainability; and the development of human capital, public infrastructure and technology.


  • The Pentagon Strategy outlines five key objectives: build human capital; diversify the economy and enhance competitiveness; develop the private sector and employment opportunities; promote resilience, sustainability and inclusive development; and strengthen the digital economy and society.
  • Hun Manet identified justice system and administrative reform as essential to earn public trust and build private sector confidence. He outlined an agenda and timeline to structurally revamp Cambodia’s institutions, with the aim of providing quality and accessible services through digital governance.


  • Businesses should watch for the Government-Private Sector Forum, which the prime minister will chair in November. The forum is designed to solicit feedback that will be used to improve the ease of doing business, attract new investment and enhance productivity through skills development and technology adoption.
  • In tandem, the Foreign Affairs Ministry, led by former Council for the Development of Cambodia Secretary-General Sok Chenda Sophea, will seek to implement an economic diplomacy strategy that attracts more high-value investments and modernizes the agricultural sector. The strategy aims to boost growth by offering investment incentives and promoting economic ties with new partners.

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