The BGA Cambodia Team, led by Managing Director Bora Chhay, wrote an update to clients on Cambodia’s road map to universal health coverage.


  • The Cambodian government launched a universal health coverage (UHC) road map for 2024-2035 at the end of May. A major component of the Pentagon Strategy, Phase 1, the plan aims to build human capital by improving health. It seeks to provide greater access to quality health care services by removing financial barriers, with the goal of promoting sustainable economic growth to become a high middle-income country in 2030 and the high-income country in 2050.
  • The UHC road map includes several objectives, innovations and reforms to ensure a minimum quality of health services in both public and private health centers. The plan will look to upgrade, modernize, and digitalize medical laboratories and subnational health centers and establish more regional health centers. It will also expand social protection coverage and initiating a new social fund model through levies on products harmful to health. Building capacity and increasing government budget allocations for public health are also key components.


  • Cambodia’s road map to achieve universal health coverage by 2035 marks a significant step to strengthen national health infrastructure. It provides a clear plan to ensure no one is left without adequate health care. The launch underscores Cambodia’s dedication to providing quality health care without financial barriers, aligning with the World Health Organization’s initiative and global sustainable development goals.
  • The road map is not only essential for the well-being of the population but also a strategic investment in developing human capital, promoting social welfare, equality, economic growth, human dignity and trust in the local health care system. It is a crucial step in achieving the government’s vision of transforming Cambodia into an upper-middle-income country by 2030 and a high-income one by 2050.


  • Cambodia’s new health plan could open more opportunities in the health and insurance sectors. However, more regulations are expected to be adopted to support and regulate the sectors, according to the road map. Products considered harmful to health will likely face stricter regulations, including more taxes and levies to support the health fund. Companies involved in health and insurance, food and beverages, alcohol and cigarette are advised to closely monitor the progress of the road map’s implementation and engage actively with stakeholders to advance their business agendas.
  • Businesses should watch for government efforts to roll out new health care technology and accelerate digitalization, with the goal of investing in innovative technologies and digital and physical infrastructure to achieve Cambodia’s health care objectives. Preah Ang Duong Hospital in Phnom Penh has already adopted a new patient record management system allowing it to schedule appointments with doctors.

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