Get Results

Success is providing key intelligence, analysis and connections to help your business.

Success to BGA means providing our clients the key piece of intelligence at the right moment to make an investment work. It means connecting corporate executives with key government, civil society and private sector stakeholders to launch an impactful initiative. It means accurately forecasting political-economic risk and advising clients on how to mitigate the challenges they face in Asia while capitalizing on opportunities. It means being on-call for the world’s top companies when an urgent matter arises and a trusted partner is needed.

BGA helps translate ideas into new investments, expanded markets & problems solved.

Assisted clients with Myanmar market entry by providing due diligence, conducting sector analyses, and building comprehensive stakeholder maps and engagement strategies positioning clients as trusted partners to government officials for broad-ranging policy development and implementation.

Provided a financial technology company with rapid analyses about the impact of India’s demonetization on the business. Mapped and engaged stakeholders for effective messaging to key officials to capitalize on opportunities to expand business in the rapidly evolving financial technology sector.

Successfully built a coalition of local and international business leaders, consumer groups and government stakeholders on behalf of a consumer goods company that effectively addressed tax and regulatory issues in Indonesia.

Advised tens of multi-national firms across multiple sectors on contingency planning associated with perceived political instability in Thailand.

Advised a global company in the nuances of underlying politics impacting its sector and operations in China, while crafting a strategy that enabled the company to engage key stakeholders, mitigate risk and chart a path toward stable, long-term growth.

Successfully engaged government officials, local business and international firms on behalf of a financial services company to provide input into financial services legislation in Thailand.

Supported the market entry of a company into Vietnam by providing due diligence on its joint-venture partner, and key strategic guidance and engagement with government and state-owned enterprise stakeholders.

Built key relationships for a global retail firm and helped establish an international board of experts to advise them on political-economic affairs and workplace safety in Bangladesh.

Coordinated with authorities to affect evolutionary changes to laws allowing the establishment of one of the world’s top humanitarian organizations in Singapore.

Helped establish a new global technology facility in the Philippines that employs 500 people while providing worldwide financial and IT support for the parent corporation.

Identified partners, sites and clearances for a $400 million plant in Malaysia.