The BGA India Team, led by Managing Director Ratan Shrivastava, recently wrote an update on political turnover in the Karnataka State Legislative Assembly elections.


  • India’s Congress Party replaced the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in the Karnataka State Legislative Assembly elections, the results of which were announced May 13.
  • A clear majority for Congress ensured a steady market sentiment for Bengaluru-based companies due to business confidence that a stable government will continue.


  • Congress won a majority of 135 seats in the 224-member state assembly, while the BJP secured 65 seats.
  • Congress’ win can be attributed to its focus on local administrative issues during the BJP’s rule and an aggressive campaign targeting the poor with populist programs and promises. These included monthly allowances and free travel throughout the state for women, two years of allowance for unemployed graduates and free electricity and grain across the state.


  • The election will not impact the current economic growth trend, which has been driven by domestic demand, sustained public investment in infrastructure and increased foreign capital inflows.
  • The incoming state government will frame a new industrial policy with an emphasis on specific sectors for growth and exports. It will continue its focus on growing the digital and startup sectors.

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