BGA Korea Team, led by Managing Director B.J. Kim, wrote an update for clients on Korea engagements with Japan and the United States.


  • Korean President Suk Yeol Yoon visited Japan on March 16 and will travel to the United States in April amid a range of unresolved issues and North Korea’s recent provocations. Yoon, who has made increasing cooperation with Japan a core goal, met with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida in Tokyo, marking the first visit by a Korean president to Japan in 12 years. Yoon will make his way to Washington on April 26 for his third meeting with U.S. President Joe Biden under the theme of “ROK-U.S. alliance in action, advancing into the future.”


  • The meeting between Japan and Korea came as both countries look to address long-standing tensions. Korea’s March 9 announcement on the Japan-Korea summit came only three days after Seoul unveiled a measure to settle wartime forced labor issues. Korea also suspended a World Trade Organization (WTO) dispute process on Japanese export restrictions on high-tech materials to South Korea.
  • Yoon’s highly anticipated visit to Washington will be the first trip by a Korean president to the United States since 2011. The visit will celebrate the achievements of the 70-year-old U.S.-Korea alliance and promote discussions on the future direction of bilateral relations. The two leaders will attend several engagements, including a state dinner scheduled for April 26.


  • Yoon’s visit to Tokyo saw the Japanese government remove its export controls on high-tech materials to Korea. Other topics of discussion included resuming shuttle diplomacy between the two and normalizing the bilateral General Security of Military Information Agreement.
  • During his trip to Washington, Yoon is expected to discuss ways to minimize the impact of the U.S. CHIPS and Science Act on Korean companies. The two leaders will also discuss increasing trilateral cooperation among Japan, Korea and the United States, Korea’s participation with the Quad (including Australia, India, Japan and the United States) and the Korean government’s involvement in joint-defense strategies and deterrence against North Korea.

bjBGA will continue to monitor developments in the summits between South Korea and Japan and South Korea and the United States. BGA clients are encouraged to contact BGA Korea Managing Director B. J. Kim at with requests for additional information and analyses.