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Ahmad Mohsein Azman

Mohsein leverages first-hand experience working in investment promotion and stakeholder management to provide BGA clients with a nuanced understanding of Malaysia’s investment landscape and local bureaucratic practices. 

Mohsein was previously a civil servant with the Malaysian Investment Development Authority, where he focused on enhancing the country’s pharmaceutical and medical technology industries. During his tenure, Mohsein helped craft key industrial policies such as the 12th Malaysia Plan and National Vaccine Development Road Map. He also advocated for a more resilient local medical industry and increased health security in Malaysia’s 2023 budget. Besides overseeing medical manufacturing, Mohsein specializes in issues related to the political economy, comparative politics and international security. 

Mohsein is a graduate in economics from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, with a minor in political science. He is fluent in Malay and English. In his free time, Mohsein contributes to various student and youth organizations that promote social empowerment. 

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