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Alicia Oh

Alicia Oh

Alicia’s expertise ranges from market research and social issues to government policies and regulations. Her in-depth research and analysis guides BGA clients to navigate business successfully and safely in Korea.

Alicia began her career in the field of official development assistance in Morocco. Primary among her projects was the Triangular Cooperation in Vocational Training program, where she assisted cooperation between the Korean government and the Moroccan Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training. After returning to Korea, Alicia worked as a writer for a flagship current affairs program at TBS eFM, Korea’s top-ranking English radio station. In addition to her role with BGA, she works as a producer for a news program covering a wide range of issues in and outside Korea.

Alicia received a bachelor’s degree in business from Sogang University, where she graduated magna cum laude. She is a native Korean speaker, fluent in English and French.

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