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Darryl Tan

Darryl Tan

Darryl has spent his career in the diverse fields of science, public policy and international relations. His strong research skills serve to provide BGA clients in Malaysia with the critical insights on policy, regulation and stakeholder engagement necessary for success.

Prior to joining BGA, Darryl served as a research analyst for the Centre for Public Policy Studies, an independent and non-partisan public policy institute established by the Asian Strategy and Leadership Institute (ASLI) in Malaysia. In this role, he researched topics related to the national economy, affordable housing and sustainable development. As a specialist on these topics, he has been invited to give media interviews and participate in government-led roundtable discussions.

Darryl completed both a master’s degree in East Asian studies and a bachelor’s degree in chemical technology at the National University of Malaysia. He is also a recipient of the 2017 IKMAS-NIPPON Foundation Young Scholar Fellowship.

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