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Senior Analyst

Diah Kristiningsih

Diah Kristiningsih

Kristin is an expert in complex regulatory analysis, stakeholder engagement and network development. She delivers comprehensive solutions and strategies by accessing applicable government policies and the stances of relevant stakeholders that would be beneficial to clients’ interests and commercial objectives. She specializes in technology services, the creative economy, education and heavy industry.

Kristin was a legal associate at a top-tier law firm in Jakarta, AKSET Law, prior to joining BGA. During her time there, she was involved in a major acquisition transactions involving a public listed company. She is experienced in managing financial technology companies and assisting them in overcoming complications found in running their businesses. Kristin’s past experiences provided her with in-depth knowledge of Indonesia’s tax policy and practice, employment matters, investment related regulations and the dynamic of government institutions. She has an extensive network with members of political parties and officials from various government and other relevant institutions.

Kristin obtained her undergraduate degree in law from Universitas Indonesia in Jakarta, with a concentration in society and development law. In 2018, she published a research paper on an international journal publication for which she was awarded a Best Paper Award.

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