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Mardika Parama

Mardika Parama

Dika is an expert in the politics, policy and regulation of the digital, financial and agriculture sectors in Indonesia. He supports multinational companies and non-profit organizations in navigating these dynamic sectors, exploring potential partnerships and mitigating reputational and compliance risks. 

Dika has a strong network of policymakers, government officials and industry associations that provide him with deep insights to guide companies in building engagement strategy and ensuring regulatory compliance. His work with stakeholders has led to solutions on content localization requirements for technology products, on discriminatory import tax issues, on expanding access to financial services, on bioenergy implementation and on protectionist agriculture trade policy. 

Prior to BGA, Dika worked as a journalist for The Jakarta Post, covering business with a specialty in tourism, transportation, manufacturing and trade. Earlier, he produced high-quality political risk assessments at Concord Consulting. 

Dika holds a bachelor’s degree in international relations from Parahyangan Catholic University in Bandung, West Java, with a concentration in strategic studies. 

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