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Senior Analyst

Wildan Kurniawan, MPH

Wildan is a medical doctor and public health expert, who has extensive experience working with prominent pharmaceutical companies and with shaping and implementing Indonesian health policy. 

Wildan has a deep knowledge of the health care sector, which he acquired through years of professional experience. He has worked at two international medicine manufacturers, conducted research at Indonesia’s largest and most prestigious teaching hospital and served as a general practitioner. 

Wildan’s comprehensive advocacy approach ensures that client initiatives to strengthen the Indonesian health care sector translate into favorable policies. He examines policy issues within the broader context of the country’s political, economic and business trends. This enables him to develop strategies that promote collaboration with industry players, health care professionals, academics and government officials to address long-standing challenges. He formulates narratives that resonate with all stakeholders while remaining aligned with client objectives, including those related to pharmaceutical and medical device policies, disease prevention and treatment guidelines and the National Health Insurance Program (JKN). 

Wildan holds a master’s degree in public health from Harvard University’s T. H. Chan School of Public Health and is a graduate of the University of Indonesia’s medical school. 

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