Former BGA Indonesia Deputy Managing Director Alisha Sulisto published a paper on Indonesia’s ongoing Covid-19 vaccine rollout. The publication, which was released by the Perth USAsia Center, detailed Jakarta’s efforts to inoculate its population amid the wider regional context of the pandemic and other domestic priorities it has at home under Indonesian President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo.

Despite a continued large number of cases, Sulisto points out that Jakarta has thus far been one of the most advanced nations in Southeast Asia in both securing vaccine supply and inoculating its population. That said, at the same time, a range of challenges – including the ability to secure supply, speed of vaccination, logistics and misinformation – continue to plague the country’s vaccination program, which could complicate efforts to achieve Jokowi’s target set in January 2021 of inoculating 181.5 million or 67 percent of Indonesians by December.

Though the outlook may be uncertain given these challenges as well as the overall pandemic situation globally, the paper notes that the uphill battle presented by these challenges suggest that the Jokowi government will likely need to resort to more comprehensive policy approaches in clamping down on the pandemic which goes beyond just vaccinations. You can read the full paper here.