The BGA Philippines Team, led by Managing Director Victor Andres Manhit, wrote an update to clients on the Philippines’ National Cybersecurity Plan 2023-2028.


  • The approval of the plan solidifies the administration’s policy pronouncement that underscores the importance of cybersecurity because of its potential impact on both national and economic security. It also comes amid the rise of cyberattacks in the country, including recent attacks on the websites of government agencies and the rise of disinformation tactics. The NCSP is expected to enhance the resilience of various organizations against cyber threats, safeguard their operations and cultivate a secure digital environment conducive to growth and innovation.


  • With the goal of proactively protecting and securing the state in cyberspace, the Philippines seeks to secure the government network infrastructure, reorganize the Cybersecurity Bureau to strengthen the National Computer Emergency Response Team and establish the National Security Operations Division. The government also aims to develop a national cybersecurity threat database, partner with public telecommunication entities for early detection and mitigation of cybersecurity threats and partner with digital online platforms to combat misinformation.
  • The Philippines intends to strengthen the National Cybersecurity Inter-Agency Committee as the convergence point for implementing cybersecurity policies and strategies. The government will seek to promulgate an executive order on critical information infrastructure protection, develop policies and capabilities for voluntary security labelling of Internet of Things devices, establish guidelines and procedures for accreditation of trusted vulnerability assessment and penetration testing service providers.


  • Businesses should look out for new policies, guidelines and procedures for the use of trusted and secure cybersecurity platforms and protocols. The government seeks to establish cybersecurity minimum standards and support Congress in the passage of a Cybersecurity Law.
  • Companies can expect a whole-of-Philippine-society approach to be used in carrying out the plan, recognizing the valuable contribution of the government, private sector and civil society organizations.

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