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Chief Operating Officer

Alexian Wines

Alexian Wines

Ali is known as the heart of the BGA team. If asked what her biggest life lesson is, she will tell you that “words matter”—that words have the ability to inspire and lift or degrade and destroy, often times within one short sentence. Ali knows that she is not alone when sharing that she has been deeply impacted both by positive words and negative words throughout her life and that these impacts have had a profound effect on who she is today. Her story is compelling and inspires her BGA colleagues and the audiences she addresses around the world. As a young woman, she never realized the road she would travel or how her life experiences would later prepare her to serve two U.S. presidents before leaving the White House and the Executive Office of the President to work with Ernie Bower to build one of the premier strategic advisory companies focused on the Indo-Pacific.

Having traveled and worked in over 45 countries, Ali’s experiences reaffirmed that we are all more alike than different—that conversations and a willingness to hear and understand different perspectives can and do result in positive outcomes. Her empathy and leadership as applied to the organizational philosophy of empowerment have been and remain crucial to BGA’s success. No surprise, when people ask Ali what she would like her legacy at BGA to be, the answer is always the same: “I want people to know that I truly cared.”

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