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Legal & Contracts Manager

Ezzati Binti Muzammil

Ezzati provides legal and contractual support across the markets where BGA works by ensuring proper management of contracts and appropriate legal compliance. Her goal is to provide advice that considers all relevant perspectives and practical insights.  

With a fulfilling journey throughout her career, Ezzati has worked in legal practice, business development and corporate communications. Before joining BGA, she was appointed as the first legal officer at the Malaysian Institute of Integrity, before being promoted to head of legal and corporate communications. She was the youngest member of the institute’s management team and an expert of the law on corporate liability in line with the 2009 Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission Act.  

Ezzati holds a Bachelor of Law with honors from Universiti Teknologi MARA. She speaks fluent Malay and English. While she is happily married, Ezzati believes her heart and soul belongs to her two cats, Dobby and Banshee. In her free time, she enjoys studying history and learning about different cultures. 

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