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Senior Analyst

Ha Nhat Linh

Linh supports clients in Vietnam using more than a decade of experience working at the Ministry of Finance’s Department of Banking and Finance Institutions. She is an expert regulatory analyst and economic forecaster. Her work with government agencies brought about the roadmap for the development of Vietnam’s bond market in 2020. 

While at the Ministry of Finance, Linh contributed to the improvement of the bond market and drafted legal documents on the bond, lottery and casino sectors. She studied and applied investment law, enterprise law and specialized laws to develop licensing for casinos and prize-winning electronic games. By crafting short and long term economic and financial analysis she submitted recommendations for economic management and developed monthly macroeconomic reports for senior officials. 

Linh holds a master’s degree in finance from Griffith University in Australia and a bachelor’s degree in banking and finance from the National Economics University in Vietnam. 

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