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Kunmakara May

Makara has nearly 20 years of experience working in Cambodia’s media sector. With broad networks in government ministries and institutions, the business community and civil society, he helps BGA clients understand the rules, regulations and policies that impact investors’ success locally, regionally and globally. 

In his professional journalism career, Makara focuses on Cambodia’s macroeconomics, politics and geopolitical issues. His reporting has covered the garment, banking and finance, capital markets, trade, investment and tourism sectors. Earlier, he worked as a financial officer at the Thai-owned TV3 television station. 

Makara holds a bachelor’s degree in banking and finance from Build Bright University and an associate degree in English literature. He is completing a master’s degree in business administration from Asia Euro University in Phnom Penh, He is fluent in Khmer, English and Thai. 

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