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Pradittha Werasakun

Pradittha Werasakun

Pradittha analyzes political, policy and regulatory issues impacting Thailand’s ICT, digital and fintech sectors. She helps leading international companies understand and navigate complicated government and sectoral dynamics, build multistakeholder engagement strategies and advocate for a favorable business environment. 

Pradittha has experience building and implementing advocacy strategies for companies in the fintech and telecommunication sectors, including market entry and licensing. She helps companies explore and capture partnership and business opportunities to drive Thailand’s digital transformation and creative economy. Her work has resulted in the expansion of fintech access, SME empowerment and the adoption of digital and financial literacy initiatives by state agencies, industry associations and nongovernmental organizations. 

Prior to joining BGA, Pradittha worked as a research assistant on multilateral projects for Thailand’s Ministry of Commerce. In her role, she analyzed the political dynamism and foreign affairs of South and Southeast Asian countries. 

Pradittha holds a Bachelor of Arts with first-class honors in political science from Chulalongkorn University, where she specialized in international relations. 

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