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Pradittha Werasakun

Pradittha Werasakun

Pradittha, commonly known as Pop, conducts in-depth research and analysis relating to politics, economics, regulatory developments and business intelligence to support BGA clients in overcoming business challenges in Thailand. She aims to help clients understand how politics drives policy decisions and plays a critical role in the functioning of business.

Prior to joining BGA, Pop worked as a research assistant on multilateral projects for the Thailand Ministry of Commerce. She was in charge of political analysis, examining regional dynamism in South and Southeast Asia through understanding countries’ political environments and their foreign affairs. Pop is also a strong advocate for inclusive education and youth empowerment and earlier built a network of stakeholders in implementing education initiatives as a national coordinator for Forum for World Education.

Pop holds a Bachelor of Arts with first class honors in political science from Chulalongkorn University where she specialized in international relations. In her free time, Pop enjoys jogging and exploring new restaurants in Bangkok.

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